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Switching from Arch to Debian
Nov 9, 2015
One minute read

Last night was a sad night. After 5 years of using Arch Linux, I decided to leave it for Debian. While I learnt a lot while using Arch, it was often disruptive to my work when it required maintenance. I woke up last night to work on a Physics assignment, and sure enough, my kernel panicked. I don’t blame Arch per se. If I retained a legacy kernel, it would have been fine. But that is the reason why I left - it would be nice if my computer worked out of the box with minimal maintenance.

One thing I will really miss about Arch is yaourt - a package manager which connects with the Arch User Repository. Basically any package you could think of would be contained in there. As an alternative, I installed Linuxbrew. It doesn’t seem to have as many packages, but I am really digging how the formulae are easily modifiable in ruby! (expect to see a linuxbrew-formulae repository in my Github soon…).

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