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I found that I often look words up on In my opinion, this is a process which could be greatly optimized.

So now I have this handy script for fetching word searches right from the comfort of my own terminal:

Example use:

I just put this puppy in my ~/bin directory which is included in my execution path. No more worrying about going to the web browser for word lookups from my favorite dictionary! 🙂

Hungry Bubble

So I found an old archive of the game ‘Hungry Bubble’ that I made a few years ago. (Check the software page). I only tested compiling on Linux. Libraries needed – SFML2 (RC).

At one point I had a much more robust code base, but… I was not archiving, and I lost all of my work. This version is good for just the single game type, but the other version was built in such a way so that it would be trivial to add new game types. It also included classes for popups, buttons, and a bunch of other cool things.

Try to beat my high score 😀