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Alp Camping

On a completely ordinary Saturday afternoon a friend messaged the Canadian Intern Crew™ at work, asking if we wanted to go see the mountains in Quarten – a city in the canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland. The original plan was to take a boat North across the lake Walensee, camp in the mountains, then train back to Zürich in the morning. When Louis and I were waiting for the boat in Quarten, we watched it sail past the dock we stood at. We promptly realized the boat was to be booked in advance. So much for the mountains.

But wait, there’s more.

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Biking to Bremgarten

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Zürich. After a week of rain, I seized the opportunity to bike in the sun! I started biking to Spreitenbach to see the Bruno Weber Park, which is roughly 10km West of Zürich. However, either fate wanted me to go South, or I’m just bad with directions (admittedly, probably the later) because I ended up heading towards Bremgarten in the Canton of Aargau. I saw a picture of a cool old tower in the Bremgarten Alte Stadt, so I continued to bike there, which was another good option!

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Hiking through Schlieren Forest

I recently moved to Schlieren, a city westly adjacent to Zürich. It’s a quiet city, and feels much closer to classic Switzerland than Zürich city, where I lived for two months. My co-worker also moved to Schlieren, so we decided to explore Schlieren forest, which is about a 15 minute walk from where I live.

There are trails all over the forest. Even some fire areas! We explored mainly the western half of the forest for about 2 hours, then we ended up in Uitikon, a small farming village. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived there it was too dark to take pictures on my potato camera, so I can’t show you the cows and feilds. At some point, I will definitely bike/hike back there and document said cows 🙂

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Rome & Florence Trip

Josh & Diana (my brother and his girlfriend) were travelling through Europe, so I decided to become a third wheel by joining them for a few days in Italy!

What’s great about living in Zürich is how easy it is to travel to other countries. For this trip, I decided to take an overnight Flixbus from Zürich to Rome, which was much cheaper than a plane, plus I arrived first thing in the morning! On the way back, I took another overnight bus from Florence to Zürich, then went straight to the office. I must say… overnight busses are awesome.

The trip lasted 4 days. I arrived in Rome pretty early (about 10am), so I had a full day right off the bat! I met J&D in a Café, and we shortly thereafter began our travels through Rome & Florence. My highlights of Rome were ruins littered everywhere, and the map room in The Vatican. It’s crazy how accurate the cartographers were back then!

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Moving to Zürich

In early May, I moved to Zürich for Software Development internship at Verity Studios AG.

My roommate and I explored a bit, and found this cool park called MFO, which was a massive metal cube structure with vines growing everywhere. The picture (or Google Maps) don’t really do it justice!

MFO Park in Oerlikon

We also found the obligatory bull of Zürich:

Bull of Oerlikon (Zürich)

In the second week or so, I bought a Swiss made bike from a sketchy flea market:

Meine Übervelo from my flat balcony