Rome & Florence Trip

Josh & Diana (my brother and his girlfriend) were travelling through Europe, so I decided to become a third wheel by joining them for a few days in Italy!

What’s great about living in Zürich is how easy it is to travel to other countries. For this trip, I decided to take an overnight Flixbus from Zürich to Rome, which was much cheaper than a plane, plus I arrived first thing in the morning! On the way back, I took another overnight bus from Florence to Zürich, then went straight to the office. I must say… overnight busses are awesome.

The trip lasted 4 days. I arrived in Rome pretty early (about 10am), so I had a full day right off the bat! I met J&D in a Café, and we shortly thereafter began our travels through Rome & Florence. My highlights of Rome were ruins littered everywhere, and the map room in The Vatican. It’s crazy how accurate the cartographers were back then!

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